Students at all levels can apply for opportunities to work in our lab.

Barrett Honors Students

Barrett Honors Students from any related department are eligible to complete an Honors thesis project in our lab. Interested students should contact Dr. Azuma to set up an interview.  We highly recommend Honors students to enroll in the Advanced Research Experience Seminar during their junior year.

Recent Honors Projects
Kelly Allen       (Honors thesis completed May, 2016)
Thesis Title: Memory and Related Processes in Military Veteran Students

Advanced Research Experience Seminar (ARES)

Honors students and high achieving SHS majors and minors are invited to apply for the Advanced Research Experience Seminar (ARES) in Speech and Hearing Science.  In the program, students gain hands-on research experience in a lab and present a poster at the departmental research symposium at the end of Spring semester.  Please visit the ARES website for more details.

Recent ARES Projects

Cassandra Elias (2015)
Title: Self-Report of Deficits and Complex Working Memory Span in Military Veterans

Kelly Allen (2015)
Title: The Effect of Auditory Distraction on Verbal Memory in Military Veterans with and without mTBI

Vianeth Santiago (2015)
Title: Cross-language Naming Performance in Spanish-English Bilinguals

Setarae Banihashemi (2015)
Title: Turning “perro” into “pup”: What Cross-Language Errors Tell Us about Bilingual Executive Function

Research Assistantships

Undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students in any major may apply for an RA position in the lab. These students enroll for upper-division credits (generally 2-3 credits) and help with any and all aspects of the research process, including creating stimuli, running participants in experiments, scoring data, piloting novel tasks, and more. Previous research experience is not essential because we provide training, but it is important that you are comfortable working with a range of people and reliable. To be considered for an RA position, you must complete this form and then send it to Dr. Azuma to arrange for an interview. Generally, the number of applications exceed the number of open RA positions.  For more information, please read the FAQ form.